Device-based investigational* therapeutic approaches targeting the sympathetic nervous system

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) plays a key role in hypertension. Most patients with treatment-resistant hypertension and no apparent secondary causes display chronic SNS overactivity. Therefore, multiple device-based therapies targeting the SNS are currently under investigation.

Renal denervation

The renal afferent and efferent sympathetic nerves play a key role in the feedback loop of sympathetic overactivity that promotes hypertension, making them an appropriate target for treatment.1 Renal denervation, an investigational* therapy, is a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure that modulates the output of nerves lying within the renal artery wall, leading into and out of the kidneys.1-4 

Baroreceptor stimulation

Baroreceptor stimulation is an investigational therapeutic approach that treats hypertension by modulating sympathetic nerve activity. A permanent, surgically implanted device similar to a pacemaker administers the therapy by electrical stimulation of the carotid baroreceptors. Baroreceptor stimulation attempts to reduce sympathovagal imbalance by lowering the activity of the SNS5 while increasing parasympathetic activity.6

*Device-based approaches such as renal denervation and baroreceptor stimulation are not universally approved for use, and are under clinical investigation in some regions (such as the US and Japan).


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