A Letter from the Power Over Pressure Steering Committee

Treatment-resistant hypertension poses a serious health threat to nearly 120 million people worldwide.1,2 Despite focused efforts and the introduction of multiple new therapies, the percentage of patients resistant to treatment has increased by 62 percent in the last 20 years.3 There is a critical need to find more effective treatment options to address this global health challenge. Emerging therapeutic approaches currently under investigation, such as renal denervation and baroreceptor stimulation, have prompted a renewal of interest in treatment-resistant hypertension and the potential to improve patient outcomes.

While some of our patients who suffer from presumed treatment-resistant hypertension might achieve blood pressure control with a simple antihypertensive drug regimen, others might require a seemingly endless string of antihypertensive drug and drug class combinations. Some particularly difficult-to-treat cases may remain uncontrolled despite maximal drug therapy. Emerging therapeutic approaches may be particularly attractive in these patients. As the treatment armamentarium for treatment-resistant hypertension expands to help control difficult cases, it is of the greatest importance, for the sake of our patients, that we all stay fully up to date on the latest news and developments in the field.

Power Over Pressure is here to lead the way in the battle against treatment-resistant hypertension. Our website, PowerOverPressure.com, is your premier resource for information, educational materials, and tools to effectively and efficiently diagnose, treat and manage treatment-resistant hypertension. We have compiled the latest knowledge, including global medical society information, educational guides, slide sets, and other valuable tools to help keep you up to date. By fostering a dialogue about treatment-resistant hypertension, we aim to advance the management of this concerning and globally prevalent condition.

The Power Over Pressure Co-Chairs:
POP - SteeringCommittee-Signatures
Suzanne Oparil  |  Roland Schmieder

The Power Over Pressure Steering Committee:
POP - SteeringCommittee-Signatures
Brent Egan  |  Guido Grassi  |  Sverre Kjeldsen  |   Michael Weber  |  Jackson Wright


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